Resepi Hazelnut Chocolate Stiks Cookies

  • Anchor unsalted Butter 150 gm
  • Icing Sugar 80 gm
  • Egg 1 No
  • Flour 400 gm
  • Colatta Hazelnut Chocolate Cream 150 gm
  • Whole Hazelnut (chopped) 50 gm
  • Vanilla Essence
  1. Beat Butter and Icing Sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed until creamy. Then add egg at a time, next add vanilla essence.
  2. With mixer on low speed, beat in the mixed dry ingredients. (Flour, Hazelnut, and Hazelnut Chocolate Cream)
  3. Roll out the dough in rectangular tray. Let it set a few hours or overnight. Then cut into stick and baked at 180 C for 10 to 20 minutes

  • Colatta Milk Compound 400 gm
  • Colatta Dark Compound 50 gm
  • Colatta Rice Crispy Vanilla/Chocolate
  1. Melted the Milk Compound and Dark Compound separately in double boilers over barely simmering water. Spoon the Chocolates into piping bag and drizzle over the cookies in a decorative manner.
  2. Use Rice Crispy Vanilla/Chocolate as a decoration. Let stand for 3 to 5 minutes in chiller until set
  3. Ready to serve

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